Amtrak Learning & Development Multimedia Internship

I had the opportunity to study and work in Amtrak’s internal Learning & Development department for an intensive summer internship in 2019. In this position, I had the opportunity to explore traditional design, print and layout design, illustration, typesetting, photography and photo editing, videography, animation, and form programming. In addition, I had the chance to travel for the position; I rode to Washington DC to shoot video and take feedback, to New York City to oversee a company summit, and to Wilmington to test iPads I had programmed with new training techniques.


Art Direction

Ryan Cerminara


Design, Illustration, Interactive

Creative Timeframe

May to August, 2019


Commercial/Paid Work

Internal Summit

One of the first events I was tasked with designing was the internal Leadership Summit. The topic for 2019’s summit was “Our Iceberg” — they wanted to emphasize all had a a hand in company decisions, and that every individual’s perspective mattered.

Value Posters

At the point that I entered the company, we were rolling out a set of new values that they wanted people to learn and get excited about: “Do the Right Thing”, “Excel Together”, and “Put Customers First”. As a part of the iterative process, I started by abstracting Amtrak’s widely popular travel posters. As I refined and changed the graphic, there became several distinct phases of the three values and how they were presented.

Conflict of Interest

I had the opportunity to buff my photo editing skills on the following assets to make them more specifically Amtrak-related.