Diversity in Video Games

Thanks to a grant awarded to me by Temple University, I was given the opportunity to research the state of diversity via character representation and disability access in video games. Using the research material, I was able to lay the groundwork for a game of my own design that had the representation that was sorely lacking. I plan on continuing to work on this project until I eventually have the ability to publish it.

Art Direction

Abby Guido, Scott Laserow


Illustration, Research

Creative Timeframe

May to August, 2018 (Sophomore Version)
January to April, 2020 (Senior Version)


Educational Project, Grant-Based Research Project

Selections from Version 1 (2018)

Selections from Version 2 (2020)

Full 2020 Version

Introduction and Mechanics

Main Characters

Minor Characters

Minor Characters

The Country of Phlogeldelph

Fantasy Races



Able Gaming Resources, Works Cited, & Thanks