Letter form and style-mimic project. Art direction by Kirk Bray, Fall 2017. 
While this project was both to strengthen my skill with the core three Adobe programs (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) and to learn from established illustrators and designers, I took the opportunity as an excuse to explore illustration styles and techniques. As opposed to making style copies, I studied each artist I chose and got a feel for their techniques. From there, I applied that technique to my own style of illustration for a unified piece.​​​​​​​
Each piece has a caption labeling the name of the monster and the artist that inspired the composition.
Merrow - an Irish mermaid known best for her green hair and webbed fingers. Be lucky that you have not met her brother; merrow-men are reportedly quite ugly. Inspiration from Gemma Correll.
Mokumokuren - a japanese yokai. Many eyes stare out from the shoji screen, the tatami mats, creeping on the clueless homeowners drinking their midday tea. Inspiration from John Foster.
Mummy - the embalmed, loved, long departed Egyptian dead. These long dead socialites were once a horror pop culture icon. Now they just want to rest in peace. Inspiration from Caroline Grohs.
Mimic - the living object. Don't try to loot this treasure chest; if you can avoid getting an arm chomped off, you won't be able to outrun this terrifying, gigantic insect. Inspiration from Cristiana Couceiro.
Moonbeast - the esoteric frog creature from H.P. Lovercraft's "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath". In the author's words, this creature can appear in many forms, but most frequently looks like a toad with a mass of tentacles for a head. Inspiration from Brosmind.
Matagot - the French trickster. A spirit in the form of an animal, usually a black cat. While typically malicious, you can win great fortune if you feed it first at every meal. Inspiration from Malika Favre.
Medusa - the reptilian queen. One of three gorgon sisters, Medusa has snakes for hair, bronze claws, and the power to turn anyone in her direct sight to stone. Inspiration from Stranger&Stranger.
Moroii - the bat-like man. While there are no clear telling of this creature, it is most commonly thought of as a Romanian vampire. They tend to be hairier and more monstrous. Inspiration from Jeffery Everett.

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