Art Direction - Abby Guido, Scott Laserow | Categories - Illustration, Research
Creative Timeframe - May to August, 2018 (Version 1); January to April, 2020 (Version 2)
Purpose - Educational Project, Grant-Based Research Project
Thanks to a grant awarded to me by Temple University, I was given the opportunity to research the state of diversity via character representation and disability access in video games. Using the research material, I was able to lay the groundwork for a game of my own design that had the representation that was sorely lacking. I plan on continuing to work on this project until I eventually have the ability to publish it.

Selections from Version 1 (2018)
Version 2 (2020)
Introduction and Mechanics
Main Characters
Secondary and Minor Characters
The Country of Phlogeldelph
Fantasy Races
Works Cited & Thanks

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